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About us:


At Perform Corp., we specialize in helping small and medium-sized enterprises stabilize, future-proof, and scale themselves in today’s ever-changing landscape.


Our focus is on creating exceptional value through systems, financial analysis and training, tailored to meet the unique goals of each business.

Whether you're seeking to take your company to the next level or facing an urgent situation that requires immediate, trustworthy, and quantifiable actions, we're here to help.


Our expertise enables us to collaborate with management, investors, bankers, lawyers, and other professionals to improve operations, stabilize finances, and preserve value.

With our support, you can achieve positive outcomes that benefit all stakeholders. Let us help you navigate the complexities of today's business world and maximize your organization's potential.

Our Expertise

From crisis mode to strategic breakthroughs, we specialize in executing transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises. Our team quickly dives into the heart of your challenges, creating solutions to transform your ROI.


With our approach, we become your trusted partners on this journey. With your unique vision, challenges and opportunities we create and execute a roadmap that leads you there.

Our Commitment to Results

We are driven by one singular focus: Delivering a systems-driven high performing business.

Our unwavering commitment to this fuels everything we do. 

We embody a bold and direct attitude that fuels our unwavering support for your goals. We believe that commitment means standing by your side through every challenge, fearlessly pushing forward, and driving sustainable transformative growth.

We are not purveyors of easy answers and quick-fix solutions. We deliver hard truths and real results that last. 

Our Philosophy

  • Minimize complexity and avoid unnecessary complications.

  • Embrace Objectivity: Prioritize our client's business interests, free from ego and bias.

  • Shared Destiny: Our revenue directly reflects our client's success.

  • Deliver exceptional results and empower our clients to become self-sufficient.

  • Create clients who are raving fans. ​

Our Experience

Our team has successfully transformed many small and medium-sized enterprises across diverse industries and countries, including manufacturing, construction, retail, technology, marketing, and automotive. Within just one year of partnering with us, our clients experience remarkable results, such as:


  • Average gross revenue growth of 38%

  • Average net profit margin increase of 53%.


Moreover, they witness substantial enhancements in organizational culture, operational efficiency, reputation, employee and customer satisfaction.

Our portfolio of successful projects showcases our diverse ability to navigate the complexities of manufacturing, construct the foundations for construction companies, ignite the sales potential of retailers, harness the power of technology for tech firms, or drive marketing excellence across various sectors.

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